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Corn Harvest and Invisible Loss

A few customers have been asking about invisible loss this fall, and I have noticed the topic on some twitter feeds as of late. Here is what I have learned. What is Invisible Loss in corn? Invisible loss can occur when grain dries down too long in the field.  Most corn is mature at 26-35%… CLICK HERE to Read More

2018 Harvest Preparation – Soybean Tables

We are pleased to announce that the soybean tables for 2018 crop have not changed from last year. We are ready to receive beans at any time, or we can arrange on farm pickup to deliver to an end user if the contract terms are met. Here are the updated terms and tables. Corn-Soy Grade… CLICK HERE to Read More

Managed Money and Grain Markets

In general terms, traders have a pool of money to trade, and then can put these funds wherever they deem they will get the best return. While many who trade commodities are doing so to offset risk in that commodity, others are doing so to offset risk in other businesses. In the recent Grain Farmers… CLICK HERE to Read More

March 31st USDA Report Summary

Digging into Friday’s USDA Report comes up with the following items worth noting. First, across the board stockpiles as of March 1st 2017 were up slightly from a year ago, and towards the high end of trade estimates, for all crops. Corn had 8,616 Million bu (110% of last year’s level) Soybeans had 1,735 Million bu… CLICK HERE to Read More

January 11th USDA Crop Report Summary

Overall a generally positive report for Corn and Soybeans. Corn production was lowered from the Nov estimate but a small amount, and below analyst’s estimate by 50 million bu, at 15.148 million bu.  This was based on a 174.6 average yield (this was lowered from 175.3) and 86.7 million harvested acres, also lower by a… CLICK HERE to Read More

Wednesday Oct 12th USDA Report Summary

Of greatest note to me is that the USDA has lowered (again) it’s expected to corn yield to 173.4 (which is still huge) but raised soybean yield to 51.6 (really huge). Traders were expecting this – which is why markets reacted the way they did.  That said – it is interesting to see this corn… CLICK HERE to Read More

2016 Soybean Test Weights Low?

Although we have not seen many soybeans into our elevator so far – I have noticed that the test weights are low. Typically we see test weights approaching and exceeding 75 kg/hl however the early soys coming in have been struggling to break 70. This puts some beans at risk of not making grade 2…. CLICK HERE to Read More

Sept 30th USDA Stocks Report Summary

The USDA published an updated crop report, specifically on stockpiles today. Corn stockpiles were estimated at 1,738 million bu, which is below average trader forecasts.  Interestingly enough, it is roughly the same as last year at this time, despite the good crop last year.  This, to me indicates strong demand which is good news as… CLICK HERE to Read More

Sept 12th USDA Report Summary

The Monday USDA report pegged 2016 US corn production slightly lower than the August report, which the market had predicted would happen.  Yield was reduced to 174.4 b/acre from 175.1 bu per acre from August.  That said, it is still predicted higher than the other guessers in the market so the impact on corn futures… CLICK HERE to Read More

June 30th USDA Report Summary

Thursday’s USDA report surprised most people with corn planting acres as well as stocks up higher than even trade estimates. Estimating planted acres at 94.15 million, which is up a good 1.5 million from expectations. Soybean acreage is also up but not as dramatically. Corn stockpiles are also higher than expected which has dragged down… CLICK HERE to Read More