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12V Latching Relay Wiring – from

This website is great for wiring projects and how to’s: A common one that we use is a 3 relay latch – which allows you to pulse 12V to a relay, to let it latch a constant 12V on the output.  Another pulse disengages.  This is great for hooking up boom sense wiring to… CLICK HERE to Read More

Dickey-John Connector Pinout’s

Link to some common DJ connector pins: Speed Connector to 9PIN GPS out (i.e. Raven): DJ Cable Pinouts DJ Control Valve wiring pinout: Pin A – Red – 12V Pin B – Black – Ground Pin C – Brown – Increase (Yellow Raven) Pin D – White – Decrease (Green Raven) Other wires are not… CLICK HERE to Read More