Corn Test Plot – Haggerty 2017

Haggerty corn plot was harvested on Friday.  Too wet for soybeans so may as well do something!

Corn yields look good.  Biggest surprise besides the raccoon damage we had to 3 varieties was the corn test weights.  Despite high moisture (27% plus) they were all grade 2.

On the plot we spread urea up front (150lbs of N) and then spun on another 110lbs of urea in Mid July.

In addition – we took another 6 acres off around the elevator to get enough for the dryer.  This corn was 31-33% and also was grade 2 (340 grams) which is great for high moisture corn.  Looks like 190-200bu for the field.

Here are the plot results:


2017 Heat Unit Ag Grower Dashboard

According to the Dashboard stats we have been collecting, since May 1st Haggerty has accumulated 3137 Heat Units.

How this translates to your field of course relates to planting date – nearly all the corn save 2 fields was planted middle to late May, with some of the heavier ground not finished up until June 10th.

Those early fields are turning colour nicely, in case you are wondering.

Using the dry down calculator available on the Dashboard, the DeKalb 53-56RIB we planted on May 12th will have black layered only today.

The DeKalb 50-78 we planted on May 3rd should have black layered on September 16th.

However we have been doing some double checking and it appears that the models are maybe running a week behind, which truthfully is pretty decent estimations.

The field I have been watching most closely is my Pride 6757 planted June 1st.  I have watched it’s estimated maturity move from September 30th (at planting) to October 8th (following the month of cool weather which just ended 10 days ago) to now seeing it move to October 2nd.  Based on current weather trends it looks like we will escape the early frost and this corn is going to make it.

Still pointing towards a high moisture corn harvest – we shall see if that transpires.  


Raven X – Sprayer Demo September 7th

Join us September 7th, for our 2nd Raven X Event.

At this demo, we will be featuring Raven ICD Hawkeye Nozzle Control, Injection and Autoboom XT!

Hawkeye Nozzle Control – for individual nozzle droplet size control, rate control and shutoff.

Autoboom XT takes boom height control to the next level by also controlling the centre rack angle.



Please see the following link for more information:

17_9 RavenX Bothwell ON

17_9 RavenX Bothwell ON


Agrifac Condor Install with Raven

We are pleased to have one of the first Agrifac Condor’s with Factory Raven controls for the section control, guidance and SmarTrax steering.

The agrifac Ecotronic sets the rate.  The Viper 4+ provides mapping, guidance, autosteer and section control using Raven ISO boom section and an ISO boom interface module.

The Raven ISO SmarTrax ECU is the first one we have installed and is brand new to the market.

Here are some pictures.


March 31st USDA Report Summary

Digging into Friday’s USDA Report comes up with the following items worth noting.

First, across the board stockpiles as of March 1st 2017 were up slightly from a year ago, and towards the high end of trade estimates, for all crops.

Corn had 8,616 Million bu (110% of last year’s level)

Soybeans had 1,735 Million bu (113% of last year’s level)

Wheat had 1,655 Million bu (121% of last year’s level).


Of course, all the talk is about spring planting these days, and the never changing discussion of whether or not this year will finally be the one the US farmer decides to switch to soybeans has resulted in a constant drip-drip-drip erosion of soybean pricing while corn has held steady.

The USDA report did not disappoint.  Corn intentions are at 90 million acres (down 4 million from a year ago) and soybeans are up a whopping 6 million acres to 89.5 million acres, largely at the expense of wheat acres.

Will this come to pass?  History has shown us that the US farmer will plant corn if the weather cooperates.  If so – there is some opportunity with soybeans.  That said, if we see a delayed spring the USDA’s guesses may come to reality.  Time will tell.

April 26th Raven X: Raven Sprayer Technology – Hawkeye, Injection, Weatherstation

Spraying season is approaching:

On April 26th we will be hosting our second Raven X event.

Some features to consider for the 2017 spraying season:

Watchdog Weatherstation:

The Watchdog station integrates into your existing display to log real time weather data while you are spraying.  This includes windspeed, direction and temperature.  The wind speed is also adjusted for the ground speed of your sprayer.

Hawkeye Nozzle Control:

The Hawkeye Nozzle system allows you to adjust your droplet size based on your current conditions, as well as have individual nozzle control (shut off), turn compensation for speed and instant on/off.

Raven Sidekick Injection systems allow for separation of chemicals from your main water supply, for enhanced operator safety and easier machine cleanout.  This is going to be a bigger concern for the 2017 season with the advent of xTend soybean technology.


Join us at the Precision Ag Conference 2017

The Precision Ag Conference is on this afternoon and all day tomorrow, Feb 1st.

It starts today at 2pm and runs until 5 pm tomorrow.  Not sure if it is sold out yet or not so you may want to check out their website.


We have a booth setup in the exhibitor area, and Chuck Baresich is part of the farmer panel on Feb 1st at 1:30 at the Chrystal Ballroom in the Lamplighter in London.Crystal Ballroom

Sharing Successes & Lessons Learned

Moderated by: Lisa Prassack, President, Prassack Advisors

Chuck Baresich, Haggerty Creek, Bothwell Ontario

Eric Dietrich, Hugh J. Dietrich Farms Ltd

Josh Boersen, Bradi Farms

Mark Brock, Shepherd Creek Farms Ltd.


Join us at the 2017 Chatham-Kent Farm Show

Haggerty will be at Booth 326, in the Main Hall.  We would like to spend some time showing off our Electrical Conductivity Scanner, used to make improved field Management Zones.

We are also planning on discussing how the use of field computers, rate controllers, and management zones fits into the 4R nutrient management framework.

Please Join us!



CK Farm Show 2017

January 11th USDA Crop Report Summary

Overall a generally positive report for Corn and Soybeans.

Corn production was lowered from the Nov estimate but a small amount, and below analyst’s estimate by 50 million bu, at 15.148 million bu.  This was based on a 174.6 average yield (this was lowered from 175.3) and 86.7 million harvested acres, also lower by a bit.

Soybean production was lowered by a higher amount, which I think must have been a surprise given the market reaction.  Again, yields were lowered as was the harvested acres.  Soybean yield pegged at 52.1 vs. 52.5 last report.