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AgExpert Field – 4R stewardship Program

Just came across a new program from FCC AgExpert relating to it’s new Sustainability Incentive program. Similar to other programs, this one has some potential returns for producers to agree with certain sustainabilty initiatives. The mention of this program is not a statement of support or opinion.  However I would suggest that opportunities such as… CLICK HERE to Read More

Chatham Kent Farm Show – 2024 January 30-31st

Please visit us at Booth 317 for the 2024 Edition of the CK Farm Show. We have enjoyed participating in the past at this local event. This year, we plan to have the following at the show: Our new Soil Sampling machine. Updates from Raven Precision along with the sample display. Staff on hand to… CLICK HERE to Read More

30 Inch Soybean Plot Results

In 2023, we planted a soybean plot at the elevator in 30 inch rows, using our JD 1790. The history of the plot area was 6 years of corn.  Essentially conventional tillage in the fall of 2022. We did not add any additional fertility in 2023 for the soybeans. We thought 30″ rows would work… CLICK HERE to Read More

Robotics Demonstation Day

On July 5th, starting at Haggerty Creek Ltd., Haggerty AgRobotics is going to host, along with the Automous Working Group, a robotics field tour. Registration is required for lunch numbers. There will be 3 stops – beginning at Haggerty Creek, then Oakdale, Dresden and Chatham. The 2nd date is July 12th, located in the Holland… CLICK HERE to Read More

2024 Calendar Submissions – new photos welcome!

Rules: We prefer local scenery if possible Please try to limit 1 or 2 photos per person, and don’t be afraid to include pictures from all seasons. Photos must be landscape (horizontal). Thank you!

Red Clover

We have been shipping red clover to customers over the past couple of weeks. The timing is near to getting it spread. At Haggerty, we have 2 options: Spread with drone (no wheel tracks, can spread on unfrozen soil).  Our partners at Drone Spray Canada assist us with this. Or, traditional spreading service with APV… CLICK HERE to Read More

4R Nutrient Stewardship and Haggerty Creek Ltd.

Please see the following for an update on our path to 4R Nutrient Stewardship Certification. Right Product, Right Place, Right Time, Right Rate Here are some additional resources for more information 4R Grower Flyer   4R Nutrient Stewardship (   Stewardship – Fertilizer Canada   4R BMP Guidance Tables |   Nutrient Stewardship 4R… CLICK HERE to Read More

2022 Precision Ag Training Schedule

Please see the attached note for the upcoming schedule. Based on feedback from 2021, we have again been asked to present on precision ag topics. As before – if you register for the event, we will send you a meeting link, and you can watch the online version later on. Session 1:  Advanced Guidance and… CLICK HERE to Read More

Carbon Market – December 15th Virtual Meeting (Zoom)

Over the past couple of years there has been multiple developments involving the market for Carbon and Carbon capture. While these developments have (somewhat) occurred with varying degrees of farmer input, the impact of decisions made affects farmers greatly, both in terms of policy implementation (restrictions and regulations) as well as financially, though carbon fees…. CLICK HERE to Read More

USDA Report, Supply and Demand Feb 9th, 2021

USDA Summary February 9th, 2021 The USDA released their February estimates for supply and demand. Although many were expecting some big changes out of this report, the USDA opted for inaction, leaving most of their numbers unchanged. Read the commentary: USDA Feb 9 2021