Monthly Archives: October 2016

Wednesday Oct 12th USDA Report Summary

Of greatest note to me is that the USDA has lowered (again) it’s expected to corn yield to 173.4 (which is still huge) but raised soybean yield to 51.6 (really huge). Traders were expecting this – which is why markets reacted the way they did.  That said – it is interesting to see this corn… CLICK HERE to Read More

2016 RR Xtend Plot Results from Haggerty

Here are the plot results, first one off in Ontario for DeKalb. Very pleased with the RR Xtend results from both DeKalb and Pride. There may have been a bit of a stand/population issue with a couple of varieties but overall things were pretty even. This plot looked good all year – lots of 4… CLICK HERE to Read More

2016 Soybean Test Weights Low?

Although we have not seen many soybeans into our elevator so far – I have noticed that the test weights are low. Typically we see test weights approaching and exceeding 75 kg/hl however the early soys coming in have been struggling to break 70. This puts some beans at risk of not making grade 2…. CLICK HERE to Read More