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Robotics Demonstation Day

On July 5th, starting at Haggerty Creek Ltd., Haggerty AgRobotics is going to host, along with the Automous Working Group, a robotics field tour. Registration is required for lunch numbers. There will be 3 stops – beginning at Haggerty Creek, then Oakdale, Dresden and Chatham. The 2nd date is July 12th, located in the Holland… CLICK HERE to Read More

2024 Calendar Submissions – new photos welcome!

Rules: We prefer local scenery if possible Please try to limit 1 or 2 photos per person, and don’t be afraid to include pictures from all seasons. Photos must be landscape (horizontal). Thank you!

Red Clover

We have been shipping red clover to customers over the past couple of weeks. The timing is near to getting it spread. At Haggerty, we have 2 options: Spread with drone (no wheel tracks, can spread on unfrozen soil).  Our partners at Drone Spray Canada assist us with this. Or, traditional spreading service with APV… CLICK HERE to Read More