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June USDA World Crop Report

The USDA report today as seen as bearish, especially with wheat.    Corn yield estimated at 165.3 bushels per acre which is going to be  a large crop. Soybean yield pegged at 45.2 (above analyst predictions). Some supportive numbers are corn stockpiles at 1146 million bushels which is below the average of the trade estimates.  That… CLICK HERE to Read More

March 31st USDA Report Summary and Comments

Some surprises on this report – mostly that US Corn stocks were 94 Million bu lower than trade estimates at 7.006 Million bushels.  This, coupled with prospective corn acres coming it at the lower range of the trade estimates, has supported the corn price, up 10c at the time of this posting. As expected Soybean… CLICK HERE to Read More

March 10th USDA Report

The report was generally considered to be bearish but the big surprise was the error in the soybean exports (initially reported as 55 million but corrected to 36 million bushels. Soybeans led the downward trend that said we are seeing a slight comeback this morning. Trade is talking bearish for March 31st USDA report on… CLICK HERE to Read More

Grain Marketing Outlook with Jeff Sherman from Mid-Co

Jeff Sherman is the commodity risk consultant from MIDCO Commodities located in Des Moines, Iowa. He has 20 years experience in trading cash grain futures.  This is his fifth trip to Ontario giving a perspective on the North American and world grain markets. There are 3 locations available to Haggerty customers: Wardsville Golf Club – February… CLICK HERE to Read More

January 10th USDA Crop Report – Summary

January 10th 2013 USDA Crop Report Summary Here is Chuck’s review of the latest USDA Crop Report, summarizing their final yield for the 2013 US Crop. CORN This was a bullish report for corn.  Production was estimated lower at 13.925 Billion bushels, down from the December estimate of 13.989 Billion.  The USDA arrived at this estimate… CLICK HERE to Read More

Fusarium Head Blight in wheat talking points

Article recevied from Dale Cown, Senior Agronomist SCS / Sales Manager AGRIS – July 5, 2013 By now you have all seen or heard of the increased incidence ( number of heads infected) and severity (amount of head impacted) in both fields treated at T3 with Prosaro or  Caramba  and fields not treated. It would… CLICK HERE to Read More

CHU for June so far

Article recevied from Dale Cown, Senior Agronomist SCS / Sales Manager AGRIS – June 15, 2013 June has been a cool month. The attached file from WIN shows CHU deviations for first half of June. There is a reason for some of the corn and soybeans to have a slow recovery from frost or excessive… CLICK HERE to Read More

Heavy Rains & N Loss

Article recevied from Dale Cown, Senior Agronomist SCS / Sales Manager AGRIS – June 14, 2013 Once again farmers are concerned with N loss. The form that is lost from the soil is the nitrate form. Any preplant N sources are likely all converted to nitrate by now. So length of saturation of the soil… CLICK HERE to Read More