Digital Agriculture

The staff at Haggerty Creek understand that farmers require good information to produce the best crops.  In order to get this information – they need the best digital tools available.

Since 2004 Haggerty has been working at building our Digital Agriculture business.

Haggerty is a complete source for precision agriculture, from soil sampling to analysis, from recommendation to VRT application.  We base our knowledge from experience in the fields in our area – not just from the computer screen.

Our primary focus is on precision application tools.  Not just selling them, but helping our customers  make them work the way they are supposed to.  We use our farming knowledge to properly recommend only the products that the customers need.

Our primary supplier for application equipment controls is Raven Applied Technology.

Raven Industries

Raven is the leader in integrated product and rate control, with excellent product support.  Raven provides:

  • Quality GPS field computers, including the Raven Viper 4+ and CR7 displays
  • High accuracy yet simple steering systems, such as the RS1 and SmarTrax MD
  • The new Raven Vision Steer, allowing for handsfree steering down crop rows, tram lines, and full headland assist.
  • A wide range of rate controllers, from simple and reliable rate control systems such as the SCS 450 controller, to highly customizable ISOBUS systems such as the RCM (Raven Rate Control Module).
  • Aftermarket Yield Monitoring equipment
  • The top automatic height control for sprayers and fertilizer applicators, Autoboom XRT
  • Raven AccuBoom is the industry standard for section control on sprayers and spreaders.
  • RTK and fleet management products through Raven Slingshot, and AgSync
  • Excellent product support

Raven is the first to provide broadacre scale Autonomous vehicles for farmers, such as the DOT autonomous unit, and the Raven Autocart system for automating grain buggies and produce carts.

Haggerty Creek also hosts a Raven Slingshot RTK Base station, which services a 60km radius of Haggerty Creek, providing reliable, sub inch repeatable accuracy.

Haggerty has a DOT unit in commercial operation, and is awaiting the arrival of its first Autocart.

Trimble Precision

Haggerty Creek provides sales and support for Trimble Precision products, through its alliance with Delta Power.  Trimble provides:

  • High quality field computers such as the TMX 2050
  • Unparalled high accuracy auto steer systems through Autopilot and EZ Pilot
  • Aftermarket Yield Monitoring equipment
  • Tile drainage equipment using WMDrain
  • RTK using our Trimble RTK Base station

Haggerty also provides service on competing brands such as John Deere and Case IH, when required.

Soil Testing and Mapping

Soil testing and mapping is done using services from SoilOptix.  Haggerty was one of the first service providers for SoilOptix.

Maps are processed using industry leading software, such as AgVance Mapping by SSI, and SMS Advanced by AgLeader.

Soil, tissue, material, and water testing is done by accredited labs, such as A&L of London.

Autonomy:  Haggerty AgRobotics Company

Haggerty has chosen to be a leader in the development and delivery of autonomous farming vehicles, beginning with DOT, RoamIO and NAIO robots for farmers.