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Dickey-John Connector Pinout’s

Link to some common DJ connector pins: Speed Connector to 9PIN GPS out (i.e. Raven): DJ Cable Pinouts DJ Control Valve wiring pinout: Pin A – Red – 12V Pin B – Black – Ground Pin C – Brown – Increase (Yellow Raven) Pin D – White – Decrease (Green Raven) Other wires are not… CLICK HERE to Read More

Raven X Event June 2nd, 2016 10-3

You’re Invited: RavenX Event in Ontario Join Raven as we explore the value of aerial imagery, AutoBoom®, and sprayer and spreader controls. At this RavenX event, you will experience AgEagle’s Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology, and Raven’s Hawkeye® Nozzle Control System, ISO Direct Injection, and AutoBoom. When:  Thursday, June 2 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm… CLICK HERE to Read More

2016 Chatham Kent Farm Show

Please stop in to see us at the 2016 CK-Farm Show on Jan 27th and 28th at the Bradley Centre in Chatham. We will be presenting highlights of the following technology: –  Viper 4 –  Trimble FMx and WM Drain –  Raven Sidekick Pro –  Raven steering solutions –  Raven ISO Product Control –  Data… CLICK HERE to Read More

Zone Specific Soil Sampling

So far we have been very pleased with the results of the Electrical Conductivity testing, for the creation of management zones for soil sampling.  (See my older post on the Zone Manager). In a nutshell – here is process and what we have found. First, we scan the soil and create a zone map based… CLICK HERE to Read More

Zone Developer

We have access to an EM38 instrument to map soil Electrical Conductivity (EC).  It is being pulled through the field using an RTK equipped ATV.  The following document outlines the benefits.  This data is used to augment yield monitor and soil sampling data to generate a “picture” of soil textures for making management zones for… CLICK HERE to Read More

Haggerty Creek Precision – Case Study

Here is an example of some the kinds of work we do.  In this case we were asked to update a Rogator 854 from a Falcon 1 Controller with Outback guidance to Raven. We installed:  A Raven Viper Pro, for guidance and mapping, fed GPS by a Raven Pheonix 200 receiver and outputting to a… CLICK HERE to Read More

Haggerty Creek Precision Ag Services

Haggerty Creek Ltd. is pleased to announce the official launch of its Precision Ag Service Division. The precision agriculture market has been growing rapidly over the past 5 years. with advancements and increased uptake in guidance, yield monitoring, planter controls, and crop protection controls. This market had previously been serviced by Chuck and Justin Baresich,… CLICK HERE to Read More

Haggerty Creek fertilizer recommendations

At Haggerty Creek, we recognize the diversity of soil types in our trading area.  This ranges from “blowsand” to heavy clay and sometimes in the same field! One of our favourite truths at Haggerty is, in the words of our customers, “not everything in the text books applies in Bothwell.”  So to answer this we have… CLICK HERE to Read More

New Field Computers from Trimble and Raven

Raven Precision has released it’s newest field computer, the Raven Viper 4. This is a followup to the successful Viper Pro platform, with several enhancements, including: – option of integrated GPS receiver – option to  view more of the operating parameters when in use (i.e. product application) – embedded cameras For more information see… CLICK HERE to Read More