2017 Heat Unit Ag Grower Dashboard

According to the Dashboard stats we have been collecting, since May 1st Haggerty has accumulated 3137 Heat Units.

How this translates to your field of course relates to planting date – nearly all the corn save 2 fields was planted middle to late May, with some of the heavier ground not finished up until June 10th.

Those early fields are turning colour nicely, in case you are wondering.

Using the dry down calculator available on the Dashboard, the DeKalb 53-56RIB we planted on May 12th will have black layered only today.

The DeKalb 50-78 we planted on May 3rd should have black layered on September 16th.

However we have been doing some double checking and it appears that the models are maybe running a week behind, which truthfully is pretty decent estimations.

The field I have been watching most closely is my Pride 6757 planted June 1st.  I have watched it’s estimated maturity move from September 30th (at planting) to October 8th (following the month of cool weather which just ended 10 days ago) to now seeing it move to October 2nd.  Based on current weather trends it looks like we will escape the early frost and this corn is going to make it.

Still pointing towards a high moisture corn harvest – we shall see if that transpires.