April 26th Raven X: Raven Sprayer Technology – Hawkeye, Injection, Weatherstation

Spraying season is approaching:

On April 26th we will be hosting our second Raven X event.

Some features to consider for the 2017 spraying season:

Watchdog Weatherstation:

The Watchdog station integrates into your existing display to log real time weather data while you are spraying.  This includes windspeed, direction and temperature.  The wind speed is also adjusted for the ground speed of your sprayer.

Hawkeye Nozzle Control:

The Hawkeye Nozzle system allows you to adjust your droplet size based on your current conditions, as well as have individual nozzle control (shut off), turn compensation for speed and instant on/off.

Raven Sidekick Injection systems allow for separation of chemicals from your main water supply, for enhanced operator safety and easier machine cleanout.  This is going to be a bigger concern for the 2017 season with the advent of xTend soybean technology.