Soil Optix High Resolution Soil Testing

We have joined with the team at Soil Optix to provide an additional form of high resolution soil testing to our customer base and local area.

This builds on what we started doing 2 years ago with our EC machine. Our goal is to provide our customer base with the best possible maps to help them understand and manage their farms. While traditional 2.5 acre grid sampling can be very good, in our area the variability of the soil creates challenges for this method.

The advantage of the Soil Optix process is that we can combine the creation of zones with soil sampling at the same time. This speeds up our process time and improves the data accuracy.

The Soil Optix machine measures soil radiation or spectral decay and couples it with traditional soil sampling to create a representation of soil fertility at up to 355 data points per acre.

This data is then analyzed using standard GIS software to create management zones, fertility and seeding recommendations.

Let us know if you would like to have a demonstration.