Haggerty Creek fertilizer recommendations

At Haggerty Creek, we recognize the diversity of soil types in our trading area.  This ranges from “blowsand” to heavy clay and sometimes in the same field!

One of our favourite truths at Haggerty is, in the words of our customers, “not everything in the text books applies in Bothwell.”  So to answer this we have created our own modified set of product recommendations based on the needs of our growers.

This includes:  Lime and sulphur recommendations specific to the coarse sands, magnesium and manganese products, as well as your standard N,P and K.

This is done in conjunction with Ontairo soil testing labs and our agronomic experience in the area.  To further aid in the understanding of our customers fields, we use a variety of precision software, including AgVance by SSI, SMS Advanced by AgLeader, and SummitPro by SST Software.