Autonomy Demonstration – Sept 8th

We are hosting an Autonomy demonstration on Sept 8th, running with no formal agenda from 9 am until approx. 4 pm.

The location is the NW corner of Bentpath Line and Downie road, just west of Haggerty Creek about 1 mile.

We will be demonstrating the Raven OmniDrive system (Formerly SmartAg), the autonomous grain buggy system, using a JD S670 combine and a JD 8260R tractor, which enables the combine operator to summon and unload into a grain buggy without the need for a driver in the tractor.

This will be a simulated harvest – driving the combine down the field, and letting the grain buggy come to the combine, and return to the loading area.  A similar approach could be used with a produce cart etc.

In addition, we will be demonstrating the combined use of the OmniPower (formerly DOT) autonomous spreader, being used in sync with a terragator at the same time, in the same field.

The demonstration will be show efficiencies in using multiple machines in the same field, with a single operator.

We will also have on hand the Naio Oz autonomous weeding robots, as well as the completed RoamIO autonomous soil scanning robot.

Again, it is an informal agenda, we will demonstrate as people arrive.