Field Corn Contest 2020, Haggerty Creek Ltd.

In lieu of the fact that fall fairs have been cancelled this year, we thought that kids should still get the chance to participate in some way with fall harvest contests.

Our kids have always enjoyed entering the “corn contests” at both the Glencoe Fair and Brooke-Alvinston fair.

So – we thought why not run a contest of our own this year.

The rules are simple:  Children under the age of 14, and 1 entry per child per category.

Drop off your entries at Haggerty Creek Ltd before 6pm on October 8th. Call when you get to the office. We will give you a form to complete with a “hidden” name on it, and instructions on where to leave it safely.

If you wish to get your entries back, you may indicate this on the form.

The contest:  Highest number of kernel’s on a single cob, and/or a presentation of 6 cobs of corn.

In each category, the grand prize winner will receive $25.00, the 2nd place $15.00, and $10.00 for 3rd.

Good luck!

HC Field Corn Contest 2020 Corn Contest Entry Form (002)