Crop Protection

Haggerty Creek provides access to the current crop protection products.  Using its partnership with AGRIS Co-operative, Haggerty supplies dry bulk and micro fertilizer products using an overhead tower blender and rail fertilizer supply, located in Thamesville, Ontario.  Haggerty Creek also has access to additional blending capacity at the other AGRIS locations in the area.

In 2011 Haggerty Creek constructed a 40×55 chemical storage building to better service customer needs for herbicides, fungicides and other crop protection products.

Since 2001, Haggerty Creek has been one of the best suppliers of Anhydrous Ammonia to the area.  This product is perfectly suited to the local soil type.  We have a permanent storage tank, updated to meet all the latest regulations, along with 40 nurse wagons and 12 toolbars ranging from 6 rows to 16 rows.  Haggerty is the only NH3 supplier that provides Raven AccuFlow rate controllers on a majority of it’s well maintained toolbars.  These rate controllers provide a simple and reliable way to accurately apply NH3.

To service the liquid market we have 3 UAN sidedressers, 3 nurse wagons and a 6000 liquid delivery truck.

Haggerty is parterned with AGRIS Cooperative and Southern Cooperative Services (AGRIS – Wanstead Farmers) and in turn utilizes Fertilizer storage and Blending assets primarily in Thamesville, Ontario.

In order to maintain a fertilizer turnaround time as short as possible, Haggerty runs 5 tender trucks, 9 pull time fertilizer spreaders, a 1 Spinner Truck and 1 Airflow truck are on site for our customers needs.

Custom spraying services are provided by Haggerty Creek as well using a joint venture sprayer and operator.

Haggerty is a dealer for Dekalb, Northrup King and Secan corn, soybean and wheat varieties, including IP soybeans.