Crop Protection

Since 2001, Haggerty Creek provides our customers with a broad spectrum of crop protection products.  Beginning with seed from our partners at Dekalb, Pride, Syngenta, and Secan, we stock the latest corn, soybean, wheat and forage seeds.  We also will make recommendations for variety placement and population scripts.

Using its partnership with AGRIS Co-operative, Haggerty supplies dry bulk and micro fertilizer products using a horizontal blender with rail fertilizer supply, located in Thamesville, Ontario.  This blender is state of the art, and includes the ability to also add Procote micronutrient coatings to the blends if desired.  Haggerty Creek also has access to additional blending capacity at the other AGRIS locations in the area.  Our fleet of 2 semi-trailers and 4 straight tenders do our best to meet customer service expectations.

Liquid corn starters are supplied using partners at Alpine or CanGrow.

Since 2001, Haggerty Creek has been suppling our customers with their crop nitrogen needs, either with liquid UAN, Dry Urea, Smart N (slow release) or Anhydrous Ammonia.

Our UAN toolbars and NH3 applicator bars are all equipped with Raven product controls (SCS and / or Accuflow).  We provide well maintained toolbars, and these rate controllers provide a simple and reliable way to accurately apply nitrogen at the right rate and rate place.

Custom application services are provided by Haggerty Creek.  While we can apply with a spinner truck, airflow, or sprayer, we also offer an Agco Terragator as a rental unit to customers, and a JD High Clearance spinner as well, so that our customers can get their fields spread at their own pace.  The Agco machine can spread lime or fertilizer up to 75′, and the JD has 100′ spread width with either row crop or flotation tires.

Haggerty has it’s own on-site chemical storage, fully compliant.  We only recommend the herbicides, fungicides and insecticides that are required by our customers, based on our knowledge of farming practices and crop scouting.