Digital Agriculture

Haggerty Creek has built a reputation for high product knowledge of precision agriculture equipment – especially in regards to precision rate control products, and making them work the way they are supposed to.  We use our farming knowledge to properly recommend only the products that the customers need.

Haggerty is a complete source for precision agriculture, from soil sampling to analysis, from recommendation to VRT application.  We base our knowledge from experience in the fields in our area – not just from the computer screen.

After sale support is key.  At Haggerty Creek, we know it needs to work after you buy it.

Raven Industries

Haggerty Creek is an award winning Raven Industries dealer.  Raven is the leader in integrated product and rate control, with excellent product support.  Raven provides:

  • Quality GPS field computers and guidance systems
  • Simple and affordable auto steer systems
  • Simple and reliable rate control systems
  • Aftermarket Yield Monitoring equipment
  • Reliable and robust automatic height control for sprayers and fertilizer applicators
  • Reliable section control for sprayers and planters
  • RTK and fleet management products through Raven Slingshot
  • Data management through SST Software.
  • Excellent product support

Haggerty Creek also hosts a Raven Slingshot RTK Base station, which services a 60km radius of Haggerty Creek, providing reliable, sub inch repeatable accuracy.


Trimble Precision

Haggerty Creek provides sales and support for Trimble Precision products, through its alliance with Delta Power.  Trimble provides:

  • High quality field computers and guidance systems
  • Unparalled high accuracy auto steer systems
  • Integrated rate and section control systems
  • Aftermarket Yield Monitoring equipment
  • Boom height control for sprayers
  • Tile drainage equipment
  • RTK and fleet management products through Connected Farm
  • Data Management through FarmWorks software

Haggerty Creek hosts a Trimble 900mhz RTK base station with 2 permanent repeater towers, providing sub inch repeatable accuracy.