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2015 USDA Report Dates

List of Upcoming USDA Reports January 12th:  Crop Production, Grain Stocks and USDA Supply-Demand February 10th:  Crop Production, USDA Supply/Demand March 10th:  Crop Production, USDA Supply/Demand 13th: PPI Corn, Woybeans 31st:  Prospective Plantings, Grain Stocks April 13th:  Crop Progress (Weekly Each Monday Following)

Haggerty Creek Precision Ag Services

Haggerty Creek Ltd. is pleased to announce the official launch of its Precision Ag Service Division. The precision agriculture market has been growing rapidly over the past 5 years. with advancements and increased uptake in guidance, yield monitoring, planter controls, and crop protection controls. This market had previously been serviced by Chuck and Justin Baresich,… CLICK HERE to Read More

June USDA World Crop Report

The USDA report today as seen as bearish, especially with wheat.    Corn yield estimated at 165.3 bushels per acre which is going to be  a large crop. Soybean yield pegged at 45.2 (above analyst predictions). Some supportive numbers are corn stockpiles at 1146 million bushels which is below the average of the trade estimates.  That… CLICK HERE to Read More

March 31st USDA Report Summary and Comments

Some surprises on this report – mostly that US Corn stocks were 94 Million bu lower than trade estimates at 7.006 Million bushels.  This, coupled with prospective corn acres coming it at the lower range of the trade estimates, has supported the corn price, up 10c at the time of this posting. As expected Soybean… CLICK HERE to Read More

Save the Date: April 1st Haggerty Spring Grower Meeting

2014 April 1st HCL Spring grower meeting Our plan is to touch on what you need to know for this spring: –  Update on fluency agents – required for 2014 crops –  Update on our recommendations for roundup resistant weed control – including fleabane –  For those who are interested, Chuck is going to spend… CLICK HERE to Read More

January 10th USDA Crop Report – Summary

January 10th 2013 USDA Crop Report Summary Here is Chuck’s review of the latest USDA Crop Report, summarizing their final yield for the 2013 US Crop. CORN This was a bullish report for corn.  Production was estimated lower at 13.925 Billion bushels, down from the December estimate of 13.989 Billion.  The USDA arrived at this estimate… CLICK HERE to Read More